Get with the program, girls – supermodel Karlie Kloss


“ At its core it’s a language” – Karlie Kloss on Coding

Supermodel Karlie Kloss is bridging the worlds of high fashion modeling and computer programming in an effort to empower young women. The international model has walked the runways for the likes of Christian Dior and Carolina Herrera and has also fronted for Swarovski and Adidas. Karlie became passionate about code four years ago after meeting tech entrepreneurs such as Airbnb founder Joe Gebbia and Instgram founder Kevin Strydom. The model explained to the Business of Fashion founder and chief executive Imran Amed “I wanted to understand what they knew that I didn’t and what most of the world doesn’t”.

After partaking in her first class, Karlie realised the power of coding explaining “if you can understand how things work and how they are built, you can build anything yourself”. Using this premise and the fact that women are historically underrepresented in technology, she founded the non-profit organisation Kode with Klossy in 2015 as a means to teach young girls and women to code and be leaders in the tech industry.

Kode with Klossy host’s summer coding camps for young girls aged 15 to 18, creating a space where these girls are able to learn and thrive. “Knowledge is a power and I think this is a really empowering thing for these young women” says Kloss.  She wants to show women that coding can be applied in creative ways particularly within the fashion industry where there is still so much space for technological innovation.

When speaking about women, Kloss explains, “our brains are just wired differently, we problem solve differently. And ultimately, that’s what code is: it’s creative problem-solving. Having more women and girls in the conversation, at the table when you are building algorithms, when you are problem-solving — we are going to come up with a different way to get to the answer.”

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