To my Beautiful Family

I am writing this post in celebration and appreciation of my beautiful family of which I have taken for granted. Through my own selfishness and entiltement I ruined an amazing holiday and deeply hurt the people I care most for. I have done so much damage and  I don’t know how to make things right.

The last two years have been hell. My dad was diagnosed with thyroid cancer as well as my sister with rheumatic fever putting huge amounts of strain on the family particulalry for my mother. My mother is the strongest most resilient woman I know. She is my pillar of strength, the person I most admire in this world.

I watched my sister recover from a debilitating disease, defy all odds and educational advice to write and complete Matric with her classmates, despite being 3 months behind. She is amazing and I could not be more proud. She is brave and she is strong.

I need to grow up (it sounds so juvenile) but I am still a child. I have taken advantage of my parents extreme generosity and kindness. I have behaved like a spoilt brat that has never worked a day in her life.  I have been lazy and distracted and this changes now.   I take full accountability for my actions and I am going to do everything I can to make things right.

I am posting this on a public forum because it is through self-reflection that I can grow and become a better person. I am 21 and it’s about time I grew up.

To my beautiful family I am so sorry for the pain I have caused. I love you with all my heart.  Xxx

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