My Mother’s Wardrobe.

Growing up in a house surrounded by three other females made it difficult for me not to love clothes. I have always been blessed with beautiful clothes owing to my mother’s impeccable taste, however my wardrobe was and still is no match. I can accurately say that my love for fashion and beautiful clothes was sparked by my mother. Playing dress-up in her heels and wide array of clothing never grew tiring which helped mould me into a young woman with expensive taste. She has a flare for timeless pieces and a mass collection of high-heeled shoes. Her wardrobe is trimmed and tailored with added punk and edge.

Personally, her wardrobe has always been on display – the latest trends, timeless gowns and jaw-dropping shoes. It was the first place I came into contact with McQueen, Alexander Wang, and Chanel. It captivated me as a child and still continues to do so… My mother dreads everytime I return home from varsity- my own personal department store.

The fashionable woman I call my Mother taught me a very important lesson throughout my life: “It is far better to overdress than underdress”



The Holy Grail


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